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Pinephone Pro: Two months in with a rough start

Last update: 2024. 03. 23.

It has been roughly two months since my Pinephone Pro arrived with its keyboard case. This post was written and transferred to the server entirely on it. I love this device to death even though I had a few problems with it at first. Let me tell you my experience.

Tips for beginner vinyl collectors

Last update: 2024. 01. 16.

Over these four years I've been collecting, I've made some glaring mistakes I could have avoided if someone warned me beforehand. I want to share these with you, so you won't have to suffer for them.

I jailbroke my Kindle. Here's how.

Last update: 2023. 09. 20.

Now, I can change my wallpapers and read not only azw3 and pdf files but also epub, mobi etc. It's fairly easy to hack if you have an outdated firmware.

Middle-of-summer catching up

Last update: 2023. 07. 24.

Haven't posted here in two months, it seems. Where have I gone? What did I do during these few weeks? What am I up to and what is the future of this site?

Why music is fascinating

Last update: 2023. 05. 23.

A few weeks ago I finished reading David Toop's Ocean of Sound. It's mainly a guide to ambient music that discusses the history of the genre but it's a real eye-opener if you have an appetite for musical experiments. This book became the root of many of my recent thoughts about music as a whole.

My thoughts about BeReal and journaling

Last update: 2023. 04. 30.

BeReal is a rather new social media site/app that has some questionable design choices and it also makes me ring alarm bells because of its creepy and rather ironic "non-realness". In this post, I'll try to answer why it doesn't meet my needs and why I want to avoid registering to it.

How I store my passwords

Last update: 2023. 04. 07.

People around me sometimes get their accounts stolen because of weak passwords, lack of two-factor authentication and whatnot. I use KeePassXC and Syncthing to create strong passwords, store them more securely and also sync them across my laptop and phone. Let me talk about these two tools and give you some tips on how to keep your accounts secure on the internet.

Something surprising came in the mail yesterday

Last update: 2023. 04. 14.

This story has two sides.

How I listen to music

Last update: 2023. 07. 23.

Take a look at how I use several music-related software tools to maintain my ever-growing offline collection of music and read my opinion about streaming services.

Useful browser extensions you should check out

Last update: 2023. 02. 19.

I use a number of browser extensions to make surfing on the web more enjoyable and less cluttery. Install the ones you are interested in and see if they make your life easier.