What I'm up to now

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I am currently doing my internship in cybersecurity. Penetration testing, cryptography basics, Python scripting etc. It's incredibly exciting and I'm really glad I chose this field as my internship subject; I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed web or software development.

Learned a bunch about attacks like Bleichenbacher's one, buffer overflows and the like. Can't wait to immerse myself in this subject more.

I'm going to get a topic for my bachelor's thesis from my current company. I'd love to do some applied cryptography or anything that needs some esoteric modular math know-how. We'll see.

Sometimes I miss my Erasmus semester in Tampere, Finland. It was nice to live there for months. My courses were easier than here and the weekdays were more colourful, although I don't miss the snow and the minus temperatures anymore.

Biking to campus is nice and gives a boost to my mood every day I need to get there. I probably ride a bike around 4-5 hours every week, getting my stamina back slowly but surely.

I'm going to pass the penultimate exam season of my bachelor's degree in a couple of weeks, and then I'm going to dive head first into the first festival of my life at the end of June, where I managed to get a cabin ticket with my girlfriend. We got lucky we don't need to sleep in a tent for days, and are stoked.

Great to see that my latest blog post on the Pinephone Pro received some nice comments. It was a good idea to submit my personal site to SearchMySite.