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I got a new record to add to my collection

I preordered the repress of Tally Hall’s Good & Evil record at the end of last year. A picture disc with a really cool pattern made by the kind people over at Needlejuice records. I ordered it on HHV’s site to save on shipping (am European).

It arrived yesterday, for which I was really happy for and couldn’t wait to get home to unbox it. However, it had one slight problem: it had two side B’s.

The tracks on them are in the right order, so I can listen to the whole album start-to-finish without any problem. It’s just that the paint job on one side is incorrect.

I don’t know how rare this is. If anyone reading the post here has any idea whether I accidenTally (Hall) got mailed gold or not, I would be really helpful if you could comment down below. Thank you! :3

In the meantime, I’m gonna write to customer support and see if I can get a replacement (hopefully a second record). Will post an update soon.

Check my collection out on my Discogs profile.

Update (2023. 03. 21.): Contacted HHV and Needlejuice. The disc is out of stock on HHV, but Needlejuice offered me to mail me a replacement if I PayPal them the shipping costs. I essentially got a new record for half the price of one. It shipped and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Update (2023. 04. 14.): Just got the record from the post office. Mint condition, very nice sound. I’ll sell the faulty one in a few months on Ebay. Thank you very much Needlejuice!

I recommend Needlejuice with all my heart. Very fair guys working over there.

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